Do you ever wish you could get more insights about your live events or web conferences? Wondering where users connected from or which type of device they used? Need a breakdown of users per language for that report you’ve been commissioned to write?

Now you can, with KUDO‘s all-new Analytics Dashboard. The new reporting feature of KUDO makes accurate and easy-to-grasp statistics available immediately after a session ends. And the format looks amazing.

The new feature has been designed to support your business performance and planning. It adds to your monitoring and assessment capabilities by turning the raw data collected during your events into precise and manageable data you can work with. This information can be translated into knowledge to improve your practices and add some laser focus to your targeting efforts. It increases your understanding and helps you plan for even better meetings in the future.

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KUDO's Analytics Dashboard

KUDO’s Analytics Dashboard

KUDO provides you with broad statistics such as the length of the meeting, the languages used, and the number of users. It also shows the number and popularity of polls conducted during a session.

The reports offer a comprehensive list of users broken down by role (operators, interpreters, viewers or participants), technical platform of choice. It also plots their location on a map, for ease of reference.

And if you want to dig deeper, the Analytics Dashboard allows you to measure the relevance of interpretation for your particular audience, by showing a breakdown of participants per language used.

By having information about the types of devices used during your meeting, you can improve your marketing strategies by tailoring your campaigns to users of specific digital devices.

An in-depth analysis of poll results broadens your understanding of your audience engagement as well as the relevance of the topics addressed.

All in an easy-to-read analytics dashboard offering simple monitoring and easy extrapolation of data in all shapes and forms. All readily available at your fingertips, in relevant figures, ratios, and colorful graphs.

So wonder no more. Try KUDO at your next multilingual event and happy data mining.

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