As more clients consider KUDO as a cloud-based solution for their meetings, a few common questions arise on our pricing and business model. An enquiry we hear often is: How much does KUDO cost? And as is the case with everything in business, the answer is… It depends.

Here’s why:

KUDO basically offers two products, namely KUDO for Web Conferencing and KUDO for Live Events.

KUDO for Web Conferencing relates to a decentralized meeting topography where the parties to a conversation are scattered through different offices, in different locations. This could be a series of salespeople joining a meeting through their smartphones. It could also be a series of international offices to one same organization joining from conference rooms worldwide. These are mostly virtual meeting hosted over the Internet lasting anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours, typically.

KUDO for Live Events relates to a situation where at least part of the participants are physically gathered in one location to attend an on-site conference. This could be a public product release, a press conference, a medical congress or a drafting session, to name a few examples. In this scenario, KUDO could be used to stream the content of the meeting to an overflow room next door or hundreds of miles away. Attendees will bring and use their own portable devices as a video and audio receiver during the session.

In both cases, KUDO allows any speaker, attendee, interpreter or operator to join from a remote location and participate fully in the meeting. And in both cases, a menu of different languages can be offered for people to choose from.

Yet no two meetings are alike and in order to offer you a quote that will match your budget, there are a few things we need to know:

For live events, we would need, ad minimum, the following questions answered :

  1. What is the date and time of your meeting?
  2. What are the languages you would like covered?
  3. Will you provide the interpreters, or should KUDO quote them, too?
  4. How many people do you expect will attend on-site? Of those, how many will require interpretation?
  5. Will anybody join or follow the meeting remotely (i.e., from a place other than the site of the event)?

For Web Conferences, questions 1 through 3 above continue to apply, but we will need you to tell us a bit more:

  1. How long is your event intended for?
  2. Is it a one-off event, or do you anticipate a series of similar events over time? If so, how many more events are planned?

Web conferencing events will be charged per usage time (packages of hours). The more hours you buy, the less expensive they get.

Live events will be billed according to the actual number of connected users, languages, etc. The keyword here is ‘actual.’ With KUDO, the number of connected users will be adjusted after the event, to ensure you pay only for those who did use the service.

In any event, including the information above in your quote request will also ensure that you pay exactly according to your needs. It will also greatly expedite the process of obtaining a quote.

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