Why translate your prerecorded content?

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Why translate your prerecorded content?

Multilingual communication is no longer limited to live events. Introducing KUDO Replay, your solution for audio and video translation. Now, in a few easy steps, it’s easier than ever to take your pre-recorded content multilingual with the help of professional human interpreters specializing in over 200 languages.

Listed below are three ways KUDO clients leverage KUDO Replay to reach new markets and communicate more efficiently.

Quarterly meetings, town halls, and product updates

Are you a part of a global team? Have you ever followed a meeting that wasn’t held in your native language? KUDO Replay allows everyone to get the most out of meetings, no matter their language (spoken or sign). Easily take pre-recorded companywide town halls, product updates, or quarterly meetings multilingual, and rest assured that nothing is lost in translation.

Education courses

Developing an online educational course is hard work. Researching, planning, and writing content takes energy, time, and skill. With KUDO Replay, the results of your hard work have the opportunity to be exponentially increased. With every new language comes a new market, and our network of professional interpreters is ready to help you take your virtual education course global.


Recent research shows that one-third of Americans listen to podcasts regularly, the highest number of listeners in the world. The area with the second-highest number of listeners is the Asian Pacific. ( With this medium becoming more and more mainstream, some podcasters are translating their shows into multiple languages to tap into new markets and increase advertising revenue ( With KUDO Replay, podcasts become instantly accessible to global audiences, potentially increasing listenership a millionfold.

The power of understanding is now yours to leverage. Whether for internal meetings or global audiences, KUDO Replay allows you to share information, stories, and updates without losing anything in translation.

Are you interested in learning more about KUDO Replay? Reach out to a KUDO team member here, and we’ll get you started.

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Tags include: global meetings, interpretation, interpreter

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