Inclusivity, accessibility, increased engagement- all valuable reasons to add multilingual access to your next virtual meeting or event. But what does this look like in practice? When Multilingual Matters is a series of blogs that describe real life challenges that can be overcome with remote simultaneous interpretation on platforms like KUDO and its integrations.

The Challenge: Women in Business Conference 

Your international business school is preparing for its upcoming annual Women in Business Conference. Even though your students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and attend classes both in person and online, you’ve only ever held conferences and webinars in English. This year you’d like to do something different. First, because of ever-changing travel restrictions, the conference will be fully digital. With the money you are saving on travel expenses, you can diversify your panel by adding leading experts in various fields. The digital aspect also further increases the pool of experts you can pick from as geographical location is no longer a factor.  

Second, you’ve noticed that participation and enrollments in conferences has been low, and this year you’re hoping to breathe new life into events by making them multilingual. You figure that the more languages audiences can engage in the better.  

The challenge- your school is committed to the Microsoft suite, so however you provide multilingual access, it needs to be via Microsoft Teams.

The Solution: KUDO for Microsoft Teams

KUDO has partnered with Microsoft Teams to bring multilingual access to any Teams meeting or event via KUDO’s network of over 12,000 professional interpreters specializing in over 200 spoken and sign languages. Teams users now have access to KUDO’s dropdown menu of languages seamlessly integrated directly into the platform. No experience finding or booking interpreters? With KUDO for Microsoft Teams, you also have access to KUDO Marketplace, one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of 2021. All in one platform you can find, schedule, and pay interpreters in just a few clicks without leaving the Teams interface. And because your event is now supported with live interpretation, your expert guest panel can be more diverse than ever. You no longer need to look for the best English-speaking experts in the field. With KUDO for Microsoft Teams, you can simply focus on finding the very best guest speakers for your event and never worry about anything being lost in translation.

With KUDO for Microsoft Teams the limits of your annual event are non-existent. Your event instantly becomes more inclusive, engaging, and accessible for attendees and guest speakers. Interested in learning more about KUDO for Microsoft Teams? Schedule your free demo today.

Are you ready to have more accessible and inclusive meetings and events? Join a live demo, and learn how to expand your reach globally, ensuring you have the power to understand and be understood.

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