Watchamacallit? Logarithimic? Exponential? Hyper growth? KUDO went from just seven people to about 60 in a handful of months, and the hiring shows no sign of deceleration.

Well, call it what you want, but as impressive as these numbers are, they tell only a small part of the story. It is the names, the skills, the real people behind each one of those figures that count and that make KUDO the well-oiled machine it is.

Wondering what the secret sauce is? The ingredients will vary, but it all starts with having the right chefs. And here are the latest additions to our kitchen crew:

Ludmila Runjevac

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  • KUDO’s newest Business Development Representative since August 17th
  • Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • A Marketing major with a solid professional track record in Latin America.
  • Speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese
  • Fun fact: She’s an accomplished ballerina who can’t ride a bike!

Katalin Moricz

  • KUDO’s Client Success Rep since August 17th
  • Based in Budapest, Hungary
  • Solid background in financial reporting and accounting
  • Proven track customer support
  • Speaks Hungarian, and English
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Cecilia Saura Drago

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  • KUDO’s newest Client Success Manager, since September 1st.
  • Based in Geneva, Switzerland
  • Holds an MA in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication from UPF Barcelona School of Management.
  • 10+ years of experience in linguists, communications, and translation
  • Speaks Spanish, French, English and Italian
  • Fun fact: Cecilia sailed around the globe once and considers dance a language

Lexi Liu

  • Joined the KUDO family on July 20th, as a Business Development Manager
  • Based in New York City
  • Holds a MA in Enterprise Risk Management from Columbia University
  • Solid background in Finance
  • Speaks Mandarin, English and Cantonese
  • Fun fact: Lexi is Chinese but will indulge in Japanese food (as long as there are no truffles in it!)
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Milena Tiburcio

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  • Joined us from Cordoba, Argentina, on June 15th as a Business Development Manager
  • Background in Communications, Photography, Filmmaking, and Arts
  • Solid experience as a customer experience wizard
  • Speaks Spanish, English and French
  • Fun fact: Milena won’t function without six infusions a day!

So, the secret sauce is in the tea they have enjoyed, the boats they sailed, the truffles they passed. It is in their distinct voices and the dancing on the floor. It is in what makes them and us truly unique. But it is also, above all, in their enduring and shared passion for making the world go ’round, empowering people to speak their mind, anywhere, anytime, in their own language.

Together, they strengthen our client support and outreach in Europe, the Americas and Asia/Pacific region.

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Feel like joining this fun and high-performing team? KUDO is hiring! You can check out the latest vacancies here.
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