Making Multilingual Meetings Easier for Everyone

At KUDO, our mission is to break language barriers by revolutionizing multilingual business communication. Our network of live interpreters is a major force that moves this mission forward every day. And KUDO’s newest solution KUDO Interpreter Assist was built with this network of interpreters in mind.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Alexander Graham Bell once said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” The interpreter community knows this well. Before any interpreter signs into a KUDO meeting, they’ve often done days of preparation. Factors like topic specialization, past knowledge of the subject, and whether or not documentation and glossaries have been provided by the client or the interpreter’s colleagues play a major part in how much time it takes for an interpreter to prepare for an assignment. KUDO developed Interpreter Assist to aid interpreters in this preparation process by creating high-quality, shareable, modifiable glossaries.

How did we do it?

KUDO Interpreter Assist uses Artificial Intelligence methods of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to build tailor-made glossaries filled with relevant terminology and translations into multiple target languages. Put simply, interpreters will be able to upload documents, comb specific web pages, and use keywords to create high-quality glossaries within seconds.

KUDO Interpreter Assist users will be able to:
  • Manage all glossaries from a single location
  • Share glossaries with teammates
  • Create glossaries using keywords, webpages, document uploads
  • Add metadata to your glossaries for easier recall
  • Quick view into terms for immediate source document context
  • Import/Export glossaries for sharing and printing ease
  • Select specific terms in a document to add to your glossary
  • Edit glossary terms allowing interpreter full control of glossary curation
  • Add multiple glossaries from different projects
  • Quick search for in-session reference

And this is just the beginning.

Further additions to KUDO Interpreter Assist will soon follow, including a virtual booth mate that suggests terminology, verifies numbers, and calculates unit conversions in real-time. KUDO is committed to making multilingual meetings easy for our clients- yes. But our unique interpreters’ perspective helps us make meetings easier for our talented network of interpreters as well.

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