Hi, I’m Rebecca Schuette, KUDO’s VP of Marketing. Like many B2B marketers, I recognize that webinars are a great way to drive a significant number of leads to your business. For global companies, English-only webinars just don’t cut it.

Your customers and prospects want to communicate and listen in their own preferred language. KUDO allows them to do that. With KUDO, you can stream real-time multilingual interpretation, provided by vetted conference interpreters directly to your webinar or video conference.

This way, not only can you communicate your message out to the world in your preferred language and let others listen in their preferred language, but you also can interact in real-time on your webinars. So for Q&A periods or panel discussions, each individual can participate in their preferred language and you all can make sure you understand one another.

To learn more information, visit us at kudoway.com.

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