Are captions enough? How accessible and inclusive is your virtual workspace?


AI advances in videoconferencing technology have made live captioning more available than ever. As a result, many companies are offering live captioning (some in multiple languages) for their meetings and events, hoping that it will provide a more inclusive and accessible experience for all of their team members.

Captions can certainly help for specific use cases, but it is not a catch-all solution to encourage engagement and two-way dialogues within a global audience. For platforms that rely on AI captioning without any language experts to vet the quality, captions can sometimes lead to a less than optimal experience. In our latest white paper, The Return on Investment of Multilingual Meetings, we feature a use-case where the client was so dissatisfied with their experience using captions the organizers opted never to use them again.

Captions vs. live interpretation

The real “Aha!” moment came when they invested in live interpretation.

Once the company decided to try live interpretation with KUDO, it created a new experience. More than 40 percent of participants listened to the live interpretation during the event and provided positive feedback, which created a completely different feel. Aside from elements like inclusion and a noticeable increase in the level of engagement, participants described the experience as giving the event a certain “wow” factor, which instinctively captured their attention more than a regular monolingual event. The live interpretation experience gave it something extra, making it an event to remember.

For more information about how you can increase participation and engagement at your next event, download our newest white paper, The Return on Investment of Multilingual Meetings. This white paper explores the real cost of multilingual events while navigating the new virtual world. We also discuss new ways to make your next meeting or event exponentially more engaging, inclusive, and accessible.

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