Hi! My name is Roberta Barroca, Client Success Representative for KUDO Partners here at KUDO.

Remember the “New Normal” everyone kept talking about in 2020? Well, it’s not so new anymore. In fact, companies across the globe have adapted to online meetings and conferences, and for some, remote work is here to stay. Considering this adaptation, here are 5 online meeting and conferencing trends to watch for in 2021.

1. Security

Now that more meetings and events are being held online, more and more companies are investing in platforms that are actively working to provide the highest level of cybersecurity. Some platforms are working toward FedRAMP, FISMA and/or SOC 2 certifications to ensure their platforms are sufficiently protecting user data.

2. User Experience

Most companies and organizations are opting for easier meeting solutions. Cloud-based solutions that allow participants to join securely on any device whether it be mobile, tablet or laptop, give meeting-goers the opportunity to join meetings their way.

3. Companywide Meetings

Companywide meetings are particularly challenging these days with travel and gathering restrictions. Companies are now choosing to host companywide town halls as fully produced online events, eliminating travel costs

4. Hybrid Events

For some, remote work is here to stay, and hybrid events are the perfect solution for a team that works both remotely and in the office. Hybrid events allow participants to join meetings in person, or remotely, all while having equal participation.

5. Live Interpreters

The more global your company, organization, or audience, the more important it is to have meetings and events that are truly inclusive. Meeting and event planners are now, more than ever, investing in multilingual platforms like KUDO that can host interpreter supported meetings. This way everyone can listen and participate in their own language.

Are you ready to implement these best practices in your next meeting? Be sure to visit kudoway.com for all of your multilingual meeting needs. The future is here to stay, be a part of it!

Roberta Barroca is a Portuguese conference interpreter and Client Success Representative at KUDO with over 14 years of experience working in mega events in the private market, covering mainly sports, personal development, coaching, meditation, oil and gas, among other major events.

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