5 benefits of multilingual meetings on Zoom with KUDO

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With the sudden uptake of virtual platforms, communication is more accessible than ever. Businesses can now expand their markets globally without having to leave their home offices. There is a caveat, however- language barriers. Enter one of TIME Magazine’s top inventions of 2021– KUDO, a SaaS platform bringing live interpretation to the virtual space in over 200 spoken and sign languages via a network of 12,000+ on-demand professional interpreters. And now, KUDO is bringing this network directly to Zoom with the Book Interpreters with KUDO app, available on the Zoom App Marketplace.

Listed below are 5 benefits of hosting multilingual meetings and events on Zoom with KUDO.

  1. Be Understood

With KUDO for Zoom, the risk of being misunderstood is non-existent. KUDO pairs the best interpreters to your Zoom meeting or event, giving your team and your clients the power of being understood with the support of interpreters working in real-time to convey your ideas, opinions, and concepts the way you intended.

  1. Improve engagement

Multilingual access opens the door to engagement. With KUDO for Zoom, incredible input and ideas can be shared without language barriers as an obstacle to overcome. Give everyone the opportunity to participate in meetings and events in their own language without any details being lost in translation.

  1. Increase accessibility and inclusivity

An accessible and inclusive meeting is one that allows participation from everyone. Multilingual meetings on Zoom with KUDO allow everyone to participate in their preferred language, spoken or sign.

  1. Increase your global reach and team

Multilingual access not only increases your access to global opportunities, but it also increases your access to global talent. And once you build your global team, KUDO and Zoom enables you to strengthen your global team’s connection by collaborating, building rapport, and most importantly, staying up to date with your company’s latest statistics in real-time.

  1. Streamlined logistics

Zoom hosts now have the autonomy to find, schedule, and pay interpreters in just a few clicks.

With KUDO for Zoom, the limits of your business are non-existent. Meetings and events on Zoom instantly become more inclusive, accessible, and engaging for your team and your potential clients. Now that language barriers are a thing of the past, what’s next for your business or organization? To add interpretation to your next Zoom meeting, watch the video below and book an interpreter today.

Are you ready to have more accessible and inclusive meetings and events? Join a live demo, and learn how to expand your reach globally, ensuring you have the power to understand and be understood.

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