The Challenge

Your organization hosts quarterly on-site trainings. Previously they were all in English. You’d fly in an expert and provide lunch for the associates in Boardroom C. Now that your organization is opening branches in several countries, you’re not sure how to provide the same instruction in four languages. Your visiting expert has an impressive CV and even speaks some Spanish. But you’d still need his content rendered in Chinese and Japanese plus English.

You need to ensure attendees get the most out of the experience. You need the same content delivered in all languages, or your organization’s growth abroad could be stunted. You need to overcome the language barrier.

The Old Fix

Remote Participation

You can stick to one presenter, hire four interpreters and lease the necessary infrared receivers for simultaneous interpretation. Provided your boardroom accommodates the bulky booths they usually work from, that is. Or you could hire four different instructors. They would need to be native speakers of each of those languages AND highly qualified experts in their own right.

Well, you see where this is going. Lunch is getting expensive, and you’re the one picking up the tab.

The KUDO Way

remote interpreting Kudo

No panic. With KUDO, you can still say “lunch is on us!” And you can still get away with just one presenter without the expensive translation equipment. Here’s how:

  • Capture the instructor’s image and sound with a laptop and a webcam.
  • Engage three KUDO Certified interpreters or use your own, anywhere in the world!
  • Use KUDO to stream the original video and the audio content in all languages straight to the users’ smartphones.
  • Done! Your training call is now localized in four languages in 60 minute flat. More: it can be followed by people anywhere on the planet.

Bonus: You can now use the money saved and treat your guests to the most exquisite wine in town.

The simultaneous interpreters work remotely, cutting down on travel and time costs. What’s best is that our easy-to-use interface allows participants to follow the session online from any location in their preferred language. It’s that simple. Cut down on costs with KUDO and save yourself the worry. Together we’ll overcome the language barrier.

If you’ve experienced the challenge of providing webinars and trainings in various languages, go ahead and give us a call. We can set up a demo for you so that you can experience KUDO and see how we can provide solutions for your organization’s needs.

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