The Challenge

You want to make sure your conference center is attractive to large multilingual events. Then again, fitting your rooms for simultaneous interpretation can get messy, with cables glued to the baseboard or crisscrossing the floor under miles of masking tape.

A fixed installation could spare the carpet, but building walk-in booths and AV rooms comes with a high price tag. You need an elegant solution that maximizes the use of your venue and keeps downtime to a minimum.

The Old Fix

Remote Participation

You could rent and install some wireless interpretation equipment. You will have to sacrifice some premium seating space to accommodate portable booths – and they won’t match the tasteful style of your venue.

You lose your ability to combine or split rooms as needed. If only you could do away with those booths!

The KUDO Way

remote interpreting Kudo

Wish granted! KUDO allows you to hold meetings anywhere in your premises, without hardware or booths.

Simply book your event online and leave the rest to us. Interpreters will work remotely, from KUDO’s own studios. Attendees can now enjoy crystal-clear audio and video streamed right to their smartphones, in their preferred language!

And you are free to merge and split your rooms in any way you like. You can even share the space with a venue across the street (or the ocean). With KUDO, distance is not an issue.

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