KUDO for Sign Language Inclusive Events

The Challenge: Creating inclusive events for the Deaf and hearing-impaired community

Your international business school is preparing for its upcoming Women in Business Conference. Even though your students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and attend classes both in-person and online, you’ve only ever held conferences and webinars in English.

This year, you’d like to do something different. Because of ever-changing travel restrictions, the conference will be entirely digital. The virtual aspect increases the pool of experts you can pick from as geographical location is no longer a factor.

You’ve also committed to making your events more inclusive and accessible this year. To realize this commitment, you’re aiming to make all events multilingual, including sign language. Several students are enrolled in online classes this semester, and live captioning in English just won’t cut it.

The KUDO Way

remote interpreting Kudo

With KUDO Language Access, your online conference can have real-time interpretation performed by professional interpreters in over 200 spoken and sign languages. With a simple click of a drop-down menu, your attendees can follow your panel of experts in their preferred language, including 147 sign languages.

No experience finding or booking interpreters? With KUDO, you also have access to KUDO Marketplace, one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of 2021. All in one platform, you can find, schedule, and pay on-demand interpreters in just a few clicks with around-the-clock availability.

KUDO Language Access

Now that your conference is supported with live interpretation, your expert guest panel can be as diverse as your audience. As you know that representation matters, you choose to include a Deaf panelist, knowing that with sign language interpretation, everyone in your audience will be able to communicate. With KUDO, you can focus on finding the absolute best guest speakers for your event and never worry about anything being lost in translation.

Problem solved. With KUDO, the limits of your conferences and events are non-existent. Events instantly become more inclusive, engaging, and accessible for attendees and guest speakers.

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