The Challenge

It is your job to ensure the smooth running of your World Summit next week in Guadalajara. Nobel laureate Dr. Wang will be delivering the keynote to share details of her groundbreaking research. The talk is sure to attract a huge crowd and much media attention.

With three days to go, you receive some sobering news: Dr. Wang is bedridden following an accident and cannot travel.

The Old Fix

Remote Participation

Here are three things you may want to try:

You could cancel the event and send the 1,500 registered attendees a rain check.

You can show a pre-recorded video of Prof. Wang’s keynote on the big screen.

And you can always find a last-minute substitute who is NOT a Nobel laureate and NOT Dr. Wang. Seriously?!

The KUDO Way

remote interpreting Kudo

With KUDO’s Remote Participation feature Dr. Wang can present live, from the comfort of her room in Beijing. KUDO will stream her image, her voice and her slides in real-time, straight to people’s smartphones in the audience, anywhere in the world.

She will be able to engage in a dynamic debate, answering and asking questions as if she were in the room. Attendees, too, can engage fully through voice or chat using KUDO’s free app. They could even cast votes live!

And like Dr. Wang, they can be in the room or half a world away. Your audience has just gone global!

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