The Challenge

Events are transient, by definition.

The weeks spent preparing them; the anticipation building up to the day; the excitement of being there — all that fades away fast once the curtain falls.

You keep the networking and the great experience. But the actual content and the impactful stories are all committed to memory. And our memory can be just as transient.

If only you could replay those memories from time to time!

The Old Fix

Remote Participation

Well, some event organizers will keep an archive somewhere or save some presentations on a CD that you can order online. Not all is lost.

Yet, you still need to go through them, locate the presentation in question, pull out your credit card and place an order. At the end of the day, somebody else still gets to decide what you get to see or download.

You wish you could have instant access to all your past events, to replay them anytime you want, as many times you want.

The KUDO Way

remote interpreting Kudo

With KUDO you can!

Every meeting you attend through KUDO can be automatically recorded and archived as part of your own private playlist. You can access and on-demand and play back any past event on your own smartphone or computer. You have full control.

With KUDO, your events will become an everlasting experience that you can revisit, replay and share as you please. On your terms!

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