The Challenge

The Big Day is approaching: your company’s annual conference. Change is in the air this year. You’re going global with ambitious plans to stream your content in 14 languages. Up until now, plenary sessions had only been available in 3 languages. You’re used to working with interpreters, but not as many. Will you manage to stay within your budget? The clock’s ticking.

The Old Fix

Remote Participation

You could host interpreters onsite, but with travel and gathering restrictions still changing daily, and considering you are looking to book 26 interpreters, it doesn’t make sense financially. Additionally, your company has committed to being carbon footprint conscious this quarter.

You could transcribe and translate every presentation in all those languages and later circulate the videos with subtitles. Only that could take a good 24 hours, and your impact on your viewers would certainly suffer. None of these options seem ideal when it comes to engaging your audience.

The KUDO Way

remote interpreting Kudo

This is where KUDO steps in. Without any conferencing hardware, we can ensure that your content will immediately reach your attendees anywhere on the planet and in their preferred language.

Attendees can join by the thousands via their laptops, smartphones, or tablets, with clear audio, video and language interpretation. Meanwhile, KUDO Certified interpreters work remotely from a few hubs around the world. Travel costs and carbon footprint cut, but value added.

KUDO can also create a landing page so users can join with just one click. All through a QR code and clear instructions prior to the event.

A few clicks and the magic is done. No hassle, no equipment, no headaches. You can now sit back, relax and enjoy a successful launch onto the global stage.

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