The Challenge

Your company is expanding fast, financially as well as geographically. Business is growing diverse. As you tap into China, English starts to lose its usefulness as a lingua franca. You realize your Mandarin is not up to scratch either.

Your meetings with investors and partners are taking longer than they should, with more time wasted in sluggish follow-up emails across time zones. The lack of a common language could soon translate into lost opportunities. You need to overcome the language barrier.

The Old Fix

Remote Participation

You could put your business associates through intensive language training. But there is little chance they will be conversant in Mandarin by next week.

You decide to hire a few on-site consecutive interpreters. The quality of communication increases substantially, but so does the actual meeting time, along with your travel budget.

It would be nice to have interpretation done simultaneously, but your boardroom doesn’t accommodate an interpreters’ booth.

The KUDO Way

remote interpreting Kudo

KUDO offers an innovative and reliable solution that is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Book Your Event and specify your needs online.
  2. Select the interpreters or engage your own.
  3. Download the KUDO app and connect through your own device.

You’re all set! Everyone can now engage freely, with crisp audio, video and language interpretation streamed right to the palm of their hands. Attendees can ask questions, cast votes and save the meeting for later viewing.

You’ve just globalized your meetings for a fraction of the cost. No travel expenses incurred. No installations required.

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