When multilingual matters: Zoom + parent-teacher communication

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Inclusivity, accessibility, increased engagement- all valuable reasons to add multilingual access to your next virtual meeting or event. But what does this look like in practice? When Multilingual Matters is a series of blogs that describe real life challenges that can be overcome with live interpretation on platforms like KUDO and its integrations.

The Challenge: Parent-Teacher Communication

In the era of COVID-19, parents worldwide have had questions about their children’s safety attending school in the midst of a global pandemic. Is my child’s school taking the necessary safety precautions? How is my child’s school dealing with their emotional well-being during these stressful times? Will the school be introducing a vaccine mandate? These are all valid questions that parents may have for their schoolboards and higher-ups. Many school districts in the US have been hosting virtual town halls, some with the US Department of Education, to field these questions and concerns via multiple videoconferencing platforms.

The issue- depending on the state, as many as 3 in 10 parents are not fluent in English, the language in which most of these town halls are taking place ( The issue gets even worse when you consider that most school sponsored parent-teacher activities are also only held in English. This language barrier has two outcomes: first, parents are not getting the information they need from teachers and administrators about their children’s safety and other concerns. Second, the students aren’t getting the most out of their schooling as studies show that parent-teacher communication increases academic performance (Topor, David R et al.).

The shift to remote schooling offered no solutions to the language imbalance. Videoconferencing platform Zoom has quickly become the platform of choice for schools due to the fact it is free and requires no subscription on the parent and student side. However, classes and events remain overwhelming monolingual.

The Solution: KUDO for Zoom

KUDO leverages the power of the largest on-demand network of vetted professional interpreters to make any meeting or event, virtual or hybrid, multilingual with just one click. Participants have access to over 200 spoken and sign languages delivered on the KUDO platform with the latest videoconferencing features. The best part- KUDO’s network of professional interpreters is now available to Zoom users via the Book Interpreters with KUDO app.

With the Book Interpreters with KUDO app now available on the Zoom App Marketplace, Zoom hosts have access to KUDO’s network of 12,000+ on-demand professional interpreters ready to support Zoom meetings and events, including town halls and parent-teacher conferences. School events can be fully inclusive and accessible to everyone. Parents can engage in virtual or hybrid events in their preferred language, staying up to date with essential information about their children’s safety and academic performance, all on Zoom.

Students cannot control whether their parents are fluent in English. Multilingualism should be celebrated at home and at school. But schools can control the level of inclusion and accessibility of their parent-teacher conferences and town halls. To learn more about KUDO for Zoom and how you can make your next school event inclusive and accessible, schedule a demo and see the power of multilingual meetings.

Are you ready to have more accessible and inclusive meetings and events? Join a live demo, and learn how to expand your reach globally, ensuring you have the power to understand and be understood.

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