When multilingual matters: Microsoft Teams + multinational ad campaign

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Inclusivity, accessibility, increased engagement- all valuable reasons to add multilingual access to your next virtual meeting or event. But what does this look like in practice? When Multilingual Matters is a series of blogs that describe real life challenges that can be overcome with live interpretation on platforms like KUDO and its integrations.

The challenge- a multinational ad campaign 

You are an executive at an ad agency charged with the development of a campaign that resonates with audiences in France, China, and South Korea. All creative pieces (commercial, ads, digital assets) have begun production in France, with each visual to be adapted for each market. You are looking to get immediate feedback and initial reactions from the stakeholders as to whether you are on the right track. Additionally, it’s imperative that the correct message is conveyed for each demographic. In the past, you’ve found that nuances in language and translation errors led to less than excited clients.

Even if you could put your beginner French, Mandarin, and Korean lessons to use on a group call to discuss the project so far, you can’t be sure that everyone is as confident in their language capabilities. Additionally, all parties involved are committed to the Microsoft suite, so however you provide multilingual access, it needs to be via Microsoft Teams.

The solution: KUDO for Microsoft Teams 

Multilingual collaboration in real-time for market research 

KUDO has partnered with Microsoft Teams to bring multilingual access to any Teams meeting or event via KUDO’s network of over 12,000 professional interpreters specializing in over 200 spoken and sign languages. Teams users now have access to KUDO’s dropdown menu of languages seamlessly integrated directly into the platform.

With KUDO for Microsoft Teams, everyone on the call can give their feedback on the campaign’s progress in real-time and discuss with the various stakeholders. All parties can give their feedback, suggest changes, and have a collaborative discussion about what is working, and what changes need to be made. Need to schedule interpreter support for a follow-up meeting? With KUDO for Microsoft Teams, you also have access to KUDO Marketplace an all in one solution to find, schedule, and pay interpreters directly within Microsoft Teams.

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