Interpretation support for Ukraine

Interpretation Support, Ukraine

Over the last week, the world has watched in shock as Russia began its invasion of Ukraine. We’ve watched the latest chapter of this 8-year conflict develop overnight on our televisions, laptops, and smartphones in real-time. It’s a devastating moment for Ukraine’s residents on the ground and a frightening moment for the world.

As of today, over 150,000 Ukrainian residents have fled their country for safety. The director of Migration Policy Institute of Europe, Hanne Beirens, estimates 1-3 million more displaced persons depending on the duration of the invasion ( Many are seeking help from surrounding countries Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Moldova. Other European nations are opening borders to Ukraine’s residents seeking asylum.

We at KUDO understand the power of language. A language barrier can make a terrible situation even more difficult in situations like this. KUDO is offering our multilingual video conferencing platform free of charge to support crisis relief efforts in Ukraine. If you are an NGO already supporting these efforts, or an interpreter already working to relocate Ukrainian residents, please follow this link to get set up. For interpreters interested in volunteering your time and skills to aid the people of Ukraine, please email

To the organizations and interpreters already working to ensure the safety of Ukrainian residents, we thank you and we stand with you.

Contact us to get set up on the KUDO platform.

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