Multilingual Meetings. Reinvented.

Meet globally, in your own language. KUDO streams real-time interpretation to your web meetings and live conferences, so everyone can speak in their mother tongue.

KUDO for Microsoft Teams


KUDO for Microsoft Teams

On-demand live interpretation by vetted professional interpreters seamlessly added to your Microsoft Teams meetings.

  • Supports up to 32 languages per event.
  • Interpretation into 200+ spoken and sign languages.
  • Access KUDO’s network of 12,000+ interpreters.
  • On-demand interpreter booking for streamlined logistics.
Kudo meeting


Multilingual Web Conferencing

  • Connect with your global team
  • Truly multilingual conferences
  • Join from any computer or phone
  • Save with yearly subscriptions
  • Grow your audience internationally
  • HD video and crisp audio at all times
  • Join locally or from half a world away
  • Interpreters can be onsite or remote
  • Save on hardware and installations

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Get the most out of your
video conferences and webinars

  • Engage in your own language

    web conferencing with language translation

  • Professional interpreters on-demand 24/7

    Hiring an interpreter

  • Full reporting features

    Interpretation delivery platforms


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What people are saying

KUDO enabled us to significantly increase the number of participants in our meetings and made it possible for faraway countries to actively participate in decision-making.

Pau Roca
Director General | OIV

KUDO performed to everybody’s satisfaction and greatly added to our Seminar’s high-tech flavor.

Bruno Ramos
Regional Director for the Americas | ITU
Remote Participation

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